Community Meeting and Reception June 7, 2024

Please come to CLC's

Community Meeting and Reception!

 Friday June 7, 5:30 to 7pm

 Hidden Kitchen 113 N Ocean Ave, Cayucos

(Beach entrance on Front Street)


The Cayucos Land Conservancy Board invites you

  • to meet with other folks who support the Cayucos greenbelt, 

  • to get the latest info on the Toro Coast Preserve Project,

  • to learn how Cayucos conserved lands are stewarded by landowners and the Cayucos Land Conservancy and

  • to hear and see what your membership and financial support have allowed CLC to accomplish the last couple of years.




As usual, there will be wonderful refreshments and fun door prizes.

(Reservations are not required, but we'd love to know if you'll be there - it helps with planning - so please let us know.)  


It's really about celebrating

the natural spaces around Cayucos

with the support of over

400 household memberships!


CLC is celebrating an outstanding 2024 and planning for 2025.

  • It is a non-profit public benefit corporation, nationally recognized by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. 
  • The next generation is looking forward to CLC's permanent preservation of our natural setting.
  • CLC members have worked for over 20 years connecting the links in our community open space.
  • The CLC organization continues to plan how best to accomplish the responsibilities of its mission.
  • Be a part of these successes by making sure you're in the Cayucos Land Conservancy "400 Club":
  • Join or renew your membership with the Cayucos Land Conservancy here.
  • Come to the Hidden Kitchen on June 7th and renew/join there.

Join your neighbors, friends and the

Cayucos Land Conservancy Board and find out

what's going on with our Cayucos greenbelt.


See you there!
Friday, June 7th, 5:30 to 7pm
Hidden Kitchen, 113 N Ocean Ave. Cayucos
Admission is free