The Purpose

Established in 1999 as an IRC 501c3 non-profit land trust, the Cayucos Land Conservancy (CLC) is committed to the enduring preservation of the rural greenbelt that surrounds Cayucos, California. Preserving the coastal bluffs and rolling hillsides with their many natural and scenic resources, so that this and other generations can enjoy the beauty, is the primary goal of the land conservancy. CLC is continuously evolving and working hard to make the natural beauty of Cayucos a permanent fixture on the California Coast. We use a variety of approaches in working towards this goal including Conservation, Monitoring, Fund Development, and Future Planning.


Cayucos Land Conservancy is a member of the national Land Trust Alliance and subscribes to its Standards and Practices. As a land trust, we work with willing property owners to acquire land through outright purchase, donation, or acceptance of funds for purchase. We also accept or purchase voluntary land preservation agreements which permanently limit the type and scope of development that can take place on a property.


The Cayucos Land Conservancy is in the unique position of holding conservation easements over two properties near Cayucos: Estero State Park and San Geronimo Ranch. CLC monitors these properties to assure that the resource values are preserved and/or enhanced, and to prevent any use or activity on the property that will impair or interfere with these values. In addition, monitoring helps protect public access to one of the properties, the Estero Bluffs, so it can be enjoyed by everyone and still maintain its unique and natural beauty.

Fund Development

As an all-volunteer organization which relies exclusively on its Board of Directors and Volunteers to develop the financial support needed to fund its work, CLC is continuously fundraising through a developing membership, special events, and building partnerships with government agencies and other conservation entities. Focused fundraising campaigns have played an important role in the following conservation efforts: The purchase of the San Geronimo Ranch conservation easement Acquisition of hillside lots in the two antiquated subdivisions above Cayucos Making capital improvements at Harmony Headlands State Park to facilitate its opening Restoration projects at Estero Bluffs State Parks including restoring the historic windmill