Benefits of National Land Trust Accreditation

Benefits of National Land Trust Accreditation

Photo Credit: Susan Lyon

Many Americans are increasingly concerned with the loss of their open spaces. Where there used to be green hills and lush valleys, there are now row upon row of houses and other development. Open space, appreciated for its beauty and recreational use, is fast disappearing. However, a bright spot in this dark picture can be found in Cayucos, CA where the Cayucos Land Conservancy is permanently saving the surrounding land and is well on its way to preserving all the open space surrounding the town.

Evening, San Geronimo Ranch, Elizabeth Tolley, oil on canvas

North of Cayucos, CLC holds conservation easements over Estero Bluffs State Park and San Geronimo Ranch.  CLC is also acquiring and currently holds 20% of the small parcels of undeveloped land that are part of the two large paper subdivisions created in the 1920's on the hillsides above Cayucos.  Immediately south of Cayucos, CLC is partnering with two other conservation organizations in negotiations to purchase beachfront and ranch land from the Chevron Corporation.

CLC is an all-volunteer organization that relies exclusively on the Board of Directors, dedicated volunteers, and generous supporters to help carry out and fund their work to protect the greenbelt surrounding Cayucos. To this end, the Cayucos Land Conservancy Board is determined to hold the organization accountable at a level that matches the community's vision, goals, and challenges.

In February, 2018, the Cayucos Land Conservancy Board sought and achieved accreditation from the National Land Trust Alliance.  The accreditation seal is a mark of distinction which proves that CLC demonstrates sound finances, ethical conduct, responsible governance and lasting stewardship of the lands we protect.  CLC is one of the 420 land trusts which have earned this honor.  There are now accredited land trusts in 46 states and one U.S. Territory.

CLC is proud to have joined this prestigious list of land trusts and is renewing its dedication to saving open spaces for the enjoyment of this generation and generations to come.

Photo Credit: Tom Modugno