Jacklyn Curry Design

Jacklyn Curry Design

Jacklyn Curry Design is a boutique landscape design firm whose central focus is to create outdoor spaces that delight the people who use them.

Philosophy:  Jacklyn Curry Design creates residential landscapes that are as unique as each client. Each project is approached as a creative collaboration with the client in which landscape design is integrated with the site’s architecture and natural surroundings - aka site-specific design - within design parameters that favor visual harmony and environmental sensitivity.

Projects: Projects range from small garden makeovers to large-scale landscape designs. Fees are commensurate with the size and scope of the project. Many of the featured projects were designed to be drought tolerant landscapes, replacing water consumptive lawns with more sustainable and environmentally sensitive California native and California "friendly" plants.

Education:  Jacklyn Curry, Owner / Principal has been a landscape designer since 2006. She trained as a landscape architect, graduating with distinction from the UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program in 2012, where she received several awards and scholarships, including the 2012 James Smith Design Process Award. The theme of Jacklyn’s design thesis was water conservation and design from a watershed perspective; ideas which still resonate in her work.

Experience:  Working with a diverse clientele Jacklyn Curry Design has completed projects in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, as well as San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara, San Jose and Phoenix. Ms. Curry has served as a design consultant with several firms, most notably Sammy Castro Design in Los Angeles (from 2012 to 2016), a landscape architecture firm specializing in high-end residential design and with luxury multi-family residential projects across the U.S. While working with Sammy Castro she developed methods of working remotely, which ultimately facilitated expansion of her client base beyond the Los Angeles area.