The Cayucos Land Conservancy Seeks National Seal of Approval

Cayucos Land Conservancy Seeks National Seal of Approval

Cayucos Land Conservancy (CLC) has applied for accreditation in 2017 from the national Land Trust Alliance. Voluntary accreditation provides independent verification that CLC meets the high standards for land conservation, stewardship and nonprofit management.

Land trusts across America permanently protect more than 40 million acres of farms, forests, parks and natural area. Accreditation provides the public, landowners and donors with the confidence that these important conserved lands will be protected forever.

The Accreditation Seal affirms national quality standards are met:

  • Sound finances
  • Strong transactions
  • Excellent Land and Easement Stewardship
  • Effective Governance

Accreditation is not a one-time action; it fosters continuous improvement as CLC maintains its accredited status by applying for renewal every five years.

Accreditation is a huge investment of our time and effort, but it is an investment that pays back on many levels.

You may comment by visiting the Commission web site, and click on “Comment on a Land Trust” link located on the home page, or you can email your comment to

Comments may also be submitted to: Land Trust Accreditation Commission, Attn: Public Comments, 36 Phila St., Suite 2, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866; or faxed to 518-587-3183.

Comments on the application will be accepted by the Commission from May 5, 2017 through November 1, 2017.

For more information on CLC accreditation please contact Joanne Riester,